Leaders and Idiots - Brian Ligomeka, Sr

Leaders and Idiots

By Brian Ligomeka, Sr

  • Release Date: 2013-07-19
  • Genre: Politique et actualité


This book is a collection of articles that rebuke mediocrity, exploitation, social injustice, archaic traditions, autocracy and strategic myopia.

Written by an African living in an African society where all sorts of crooks from political mavericks to religious fanatics turn people they are supposed to serve into ignorant victims of their manipulations and exploitative tactics, through this book, Malawian-award winning journalist and newspaper columnist has endeavoured to advocate for political, social and religious change by confronting many forms of malevolence in African societies and beyond Africa.

If pieces of advice in this collection are taken seriously, they can open eyes of the exploited and give caution to the exploiters. This book, which is a collection of several opinions and the author’s personal experiences, offers a message of caution to educated idiots who despite having university certificates, diplomas and degrees still behave worse than illiterate and semi illiterate fools.

This book is a call for honesty, integrity, transparency, social justice, media freedom and the upholding of democracy and respect for human rights.