The Free Market Has Soon Turned 99% of Us into Miserables - H. Anderberg

The Free Market Has Soon Turned 99% of Us into Miserables

By H. Anderberg

  • Release Date: 2012-10-25
  • Genre: Politique et actualit√©


If nothing else, the economic crisis in 2008 showed how close we are an economic collapse of the system we all suffer under today. The system that is named the "Free Market." This book shows how we got where we are beginning 100 years ago by presenting Edward Bernays who created a new political idea based on controlling people's irrational feelings, to keep them happy and calm by consuming.

The Power could safely rest in the hands of the ones that owned the wealth in the society. But the crash on Wall Street October 29, 1929 showed the true face of capitalism when planned economic action took away from people their life savings worldwide. Now, people woke up and realized that you had to control the bankers' power, why they chose politicians who conducted this control of the capital and the world experienced the time called the "golden age of capitalism" until the early 70's. Milton Friedman's shock therapy has since then taken control of the world with a system similar to the one that crashed in 1929. The book shows what the system has done to human beings at heart and it shows that there is a solution that naturally emerged from the deep sufferings we all are living in. Since the 80-ties the system has manage to transfer ordinary people's wealth to the one percent(1%) riches in the top.

Politicians, writers, educators, commentators, economists, the middle class which consisting of about 20% of the people, is soon not needed by the system any longer. Their mission has been to tell the ordinary people (the 80 %) that they can trust the system. They have been bribed with titles and higher salaries but now it is enough. They are not really needed anymore. United States and England is the most advanced in development and in 2012 one (1)% of their population owned more than 95% of the rest in the society owned together. This has led to a segregated society that is so sick that it more or less exterminate itself, at all levels.